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Stop Press! New Press!

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New litho pressBulpitt Print are delighted to bring you the news of the arrival of our new 4-colour lithographic press! You might find it hard to believe but this means we can produce higher quality print even more efficiently. And that's not all! At the same time we have also installed a second guillotine for belt and braces reliability in our finishing department. At Bulpitt Print we pride ourselves on quality and efficiency, and the new additions look set to provide an even better service for our customers.…

CMYK Explained

by Bulpitt - Litho printing

  Understanding the difference between CMYK and RGB is crucial to understanding how to reproduce the colour of your artwork. Colours that display brilliantly on your monitor can sometimes look different when printed. This is because computer monitors use the RGB colour model to display colour. By mixing red (R), green (G), and blue (B) we can reproduce a large part of our visible colour spectrum on screen. RGB is known as an additive colour model, because when the three colours overlap they…

Digital vs. Litho - Which process do you choose?

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Offset lithographic printing or Litho, is the traditional process for high volume printing. An understanding of the advantages of digital printing and how those compare to litho is critical in making the right choice for your project. Litho printing splits the desired image in to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black, these individual colours are then etched on to metal plates, that once installed in to the printing press, transfer each colour ink in sequence to the printed surface. The Advantages of…